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Shooting with Screencast-O-Matic – Learning Futures

This Blog was originally produced for the Learning Futures Project and has been reposted from their website.

I’ve used for the past couple of years to produce short instructional videos for staff and students at my college to help them with their use of learning & assistive technology.

Providing support on an application can be difficult over the phone. In addition, some staff and students will want to self-support their own use of learning technology; video guides help them to do this. I tend to use Screencast-o-matic to make quick demos that focus on a single aspect of a tool. These bite-sized resources are easy to share either by uploading them to a VLE, or putting them on YouTube.

Recently I did a short video for a business tutor who wanted some guidance on how to make an activity on the online learning tool Quizlet. It took no more than 10 minutes to make the video. The tutor now has a resource he can refer back to if he needs guidance on how to make an activity in future and he can share the video with any colleagues who want to give Quizlet a try. Even better, it should mean he won’t come back to me with the same query again.

It’s easy to use and crucially there is a free version so you can give it a try today if you’re interested. There are some limits if you plan to use the free version you’re restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes per video, and you can’t record system audio, but if you’re after a screen recorder to make bite-sized resources then it should work well.

Does anyone else use Screen Recording tools as part of their practice? If so which? How have staff and students responded to this kind of video support?

Need a simple to use screen recording tool? Check out it will launch from a browser and it’s free #runshaw #lfutures



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